About us

Jewelry house Renée De Clair

We produce and offer a wide range of wedding and engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, as well as jewelry made to individual customer projects. We offer only diamonds with GIA or HRD certificates at international exchange prices.


  • Atelier for 3D design, 3D printing and jewelry making with precious stones;
  • Representative store of the brand "Renée De Clair";
  • Laboratory for research, evaluation, certification and forensic examination of diamonds.
  • Atelier for Laser Engraving with robotic laser complex.

Our team

We are a family company created to satisfy and protect the interests of its customers in order to reveal the material and emotional value of their jewelry and diamonds.

Laser Engraving Sofia

On our site, you can choose a service and view the fonts we offer for engraving Cyrillic, Latin, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, etc. We accept any images for engraving. If you would like us to engrave a photo or logo provided by you on a piece of jewelry or another object, please contact us on the phone number provided or send us the file by attaching it to OUR CONTACT FORM with an explanation of your wishes.
For all other cases, after choosing the service, you can contact us by phone or via OUR CONTACT FORM to reserve an individual engraving appointment.
Website Laser Engraving Sofia is not an online store.